Mexico Dentist Guide for border towns of the United States for Snowbirds and Locals
San Diego
Yuma, AZ
Nogales, AZ
El Paso, NM
Laredo, TX
Rynosa, Mexico
On the northern border of Mexico, the courtesy of the inhabitants can be felt from the first few moments. Reynosa gives a warm welcome to this port of entry into Mexico.

Reynosa has become, in last few years, the fastest growing city in the state, due to the strong industry and the incessant economic activity that has converted this city into a strategic point for Tamaulipas and even for Nuevo Leon.

More than just a city known for its tourist attractions, Reynosa is also a dental destination. Take advantage of the world-class facilities and low prices that are offered.

Dr. Xavier Aguirre M. DDS
Valdez Aesthetic Dentistry
Dental Clinic In Reynosa
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