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We accept advertising from individual dental practices located in their respective Mexico towns along the border.
We also accept advertising from hotels/motels in border towns on either side of the border.
Here is what makes our dentist guide better than others:
  Our website has page specific meta tags for each city which improves our placement in the search engines.
  Our website has been submitted to Google, Bing/Yahoo, and others.
  And best of all, our website is promoted on other high volumne websites that bring you viewers who were not searching for a dentist in a Mexico border town but most likely have an interest in learning more about across the border dentists.
  The promotional website lets you stand out from the crowd
and be among the first dentist viewers learn about.

Here is a partial list of promotion websites for

A tile ad for is on the home page of each of the following websites.

Snowbirds Destinations - great website that is of interest to the snowbirds

Escape Natures Fury - where to live without storms of all kinds

Visit The Grand Canyon - extenive information and photos of the Grand Canyon National Park

All About Route 66 - Detailed information from Chicago to Santa Monica

All About LasVegas - Casions, things to do, pool parties, where to live in Las Vegas

The Bridge At Hoover Dam - The bridge is the second-highest bridge of any kind in the United States

Arizona Highway Guides - places to eat, places to stay, things to do, places to see

A Very Long Time Ago - memories from the 1920s to 1990s

Fun On The Beach - state by state listings of beaches and waterparks

Retirement Real Estate Guide - active retirement communities, Assisted Living and continuing care.

Baby Boomers Resource - information by state

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