Mexico Dentist Guide for border towns of the United States for Snowbirds and Locals
San Diego
Yuma, AZ
Nogales, AZ
El Paso, NM
Laredo, TX
Los Algodones, Mexico
The friendly community of Los Algodones is located in Baja California, Mexico at the California – Arizona border. It is seven miles west of the city of Yuma, Arizona.

Access to Los Algodones is very easy. You may park on the USA side and walk less then 1 block to the border or park in one of the attended parking lots in Los Algodones. Most dentists are located less then 2 blocks from the border and the currency of choice is the American dollar.

Sani Dental Group
Simply Dental
Alamo Dental Clinic
TLC Dental & Optical
Los Algodones Dental Office
Dr. Jose Valenzuela - Dental Implants
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