Mexico Dentist Guide for border towns of the United States for Snowbirds and Locals
San Diego
Yuma, AZ
Nogales, AZ
El Paso, NM
Laredo, TX
Nogales, Mexico
Nogales is located on the northern border of the Mexican state of Sonora. The city is abutted on its north by the city of Nogales, Arizona, United States, across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Nogales, Sonora has an abundance of dental professionals, and every year thousands of Americans cross the border from Nogales, Arizona to Nogales, Mexico for dental treatment. Nogales, Sonora is known for its professional, well-qualified dentists and dental surgeons.

Nogales dentists are comparable (or better) than those you would use in the United States and are a fraction of what one would pay north of the border.

Dental Laser Nogales
Dental Perio Group
Smile Dental Nogales
Nogales Dental Health Center
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